Monday, March 9, 2015

University of Oklahoma Frat sings 'There will never be a nigger in SAE'

You know that nothing is safe in Oklahoma.

The tea is some frat at the University of Oklahoma has a video of them singing a racist song. Oh, and the video has gone viral, here's more:

According to Tulsa World, the national president of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity said Sunday evening that the OU SAE chapter has been given an immediate cease and desist order just hours after the video appeared online.

In the brief video, posted on Twitter by a group of black students called OU_Unheard, the frat brothers can be heard singing and clapping along to a song with the repeated lyrics of “There will never be a n****r SAE,” along with a line about lynching, “You can hang them from a tree (inaudible)”.


The school is investigating the video to see if this is actually from SAE. Till then, we will be watching.


UPDATE the chapter is closed

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Redd Neckerson said...

When are my fellow crackers ever going to learn? Gotta keep that shit on the DL!

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