Friday, December 12, 2014

Janet Mock is Sending Books to Incarcerated Trans Women and Men

Trans activist and writer, Janet Mock, has been working hard to send books to Trans women and men who are incarcerated. The program is known as the Trans Book Drive.

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So far the campaign has raised over $9,000 with 19 days to go.

Buzzfeed reports:
So far this year, Mock’s Trans Book Drive has raised $9,238. She is ecstatic. “Initially we were going to send 100 books with the letter and another 100 packages with two books with letters. No, everyone is able to get two books.” With the leftover funds, she will be making an in-kind donation to LGBT Books for Prisoners so they can fulfill incoming requests. Next year, Mock would like to see the Trans Book Drive expand even further. She would like to collaborate with more youth, and hopes to involve the library as well. “Even in New York City, I know the Redefining Realness wait list is so long, there are 50 holds. I want these books to be even more accessible, and I think the library could be a space people can really rally around.”
This is such a cool idea.

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Kevin T said...

Love her and what she's doing!

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