Friday, December 19, 2014

Pam Bondi DENIED! Supreme Court refuses to Halt Same Sex Marriages in Florida

from Buzzfeed

This is so good!

When AG Pam Bondi heard that SCOTUS would look at her request to halt marriage equality in Florida, I bet she was patting herself on the back. Well, too bad it was all in vain. SCOTUS refused her messy request and now, gay marriages can proceed after Jan. 5.
The decision means, absent some unexpected development, that same-sex couples will be able to marry beginning January 6. 
Under the trial court’s order striking down the ban as unconstitutional, the injunction was stayed — or put on hold — until the end of the day January 5. State officials have appealed the ruling striking down the ban, but also asked higher courts to keep the trial court’s order on hold during that appeal. 
The 11th Circuit had rejected Florida’s request and, on Friday evening, the Supreme Court did as well. Justice Clarence Thomas, who hears such applications from the 11th Circuit, referred the matter to the full court, which then denied the request.
Both Thomas and Justice Antonin Scalia, the brief order noted, would have granted the request. The two previously have noted that they would grant such stay requests during appeals of other marriage ban cases.
I hope she's crushed! I would pay to see it!


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