Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Michael C. Hall explains why he enjoys playing Gay Characters

Michael talks to HuffPo about his role as Hedwig and why he likes gay roles:
I don't know. I feel like I choose roles, and I also feel like roles choose me at times. I think I gravitate toward characters who are defined by some sense of conflict or secret keeping. I think in the case of David Fisher [on Six Feet Under], it was about the character's inherent conflict -- something that made him inherently dramatic. In case of Hedwig, it was the chance to front a rock band and sing awesome rock-and-roll music. There is something about people, for one reason or the other, who are marginalized by their circumstance that is compelling to me. That has manifested itself into me playing a few, or more than a few, characters who are gay.

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Mark Ehlers said...

Let's face it V...more than just a few of us have secretly wished he played for our team.

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