Tuesday, December 9, 2014

READ The Senate Torture Report... Unbelievable

Well, well, well, folks.

The Senate Intelligence Committee released a 500-page summary report on the CIA’s post-9/11 torture program. Y'all, this is some scary stuff.

HuffPo reports:

The newly released document tears apart the CIA's past claims that only a small number of detainees were subjected to the harsh interrogation techniques. The agency has said it held fewer than 100 detainees and subjected fewer than one-third of those to controversial tactics such as waterboarding. But Senate investigators found that the CIA had actually kept 119 detainees in custody, 26 of whom were illegally held. And despite CIA insistence that the program was limited in scope, Senate investigators conclude that the use of torture was much more widespread than previously thought.

The study reveals several gruesome instances of torture by mid-level CIA officers who participated in the program, including threats of sexual violence using a broomstick and the use of "rectal hydration" in instances of harsh interrogations that lasted for days or weeks on end. And, contrary to the agency's prior insistence that only three detainees were subject to waterboarding, the Senate report suggests it was likely used on more detainees.

The report cites the presence of materials typically used for waterboarding being present at certain "blacksites," or secret prisons, where the agency had previously said waterboarding was not used.
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Dirk Clayton said...

Hypocritical partisan bullshit. If the Democrats think "torture" is so terrible where is their report on President Obama's drone program? No innocent civilians were ever killed by waterboarding.

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