Friday, December 26, 2014

In Glendale: Retired Cop's Party Mocks the Death of Michael Brown

This happened earlier this week and I'm floored!

At the Elks Lodge in Glendale (which is 7 miles from me) a retired LAPD officer named Joe Myersa held golf charity event. It was a typical event until Gary Fishell, a former federal investigator, sung a song about Michael Brown.

The lyrics are

“Michael Brown learned a lesson about a messin’
With a badass policeman
And he’s bad, bad Michael Brown
Baddest thug in the whole damn town
Badder than old King Kong
Meaner than a junkyard dog.

Two men took to fightin’
And Michael punched in through the door
And Michael looked like some old Swiss cheese
His brain was splattered on the floor

And he’s dead, dead Michael Brown
Deadest man in the whole damn town
His whole life’s long gone
Deader than a roadkill dog.”

TMZ has the video of this mess. The scary part about this whole thing was at least 60 of the guess were cops.

TMZ reports:

Singer Gary Fishell is a P.I. who once worked as an investigator for the Federal Government. His lawyer tells TMZ, Fishell now realizes the song was "off color and in poor taste." The lawyer adds, "He's a goofball who writes funny songs." We asked why Fishell would sing this in a room full of cops, and the lawyer replied, "He thought the room would get a kick out of it."

Joe Myers tells TMZ, "How can I dictate what he [Fishell] says in a song?" Myers goes on, "This is America. We can say what we want. This is a free America." Myers adds ... he's done this as an annual event for decades and has raised a lot of money for charity.

Someone who was at the event videotaped it because they were offended by the song and upset no one was objecting.

A trustee for the Lodge tells TMZ, the dinner was not an Elks Club event ... it was a golf tournament run by Myers and since he was a member he had a right to hold a dinner there.

The trustee tells TMZ many of the hundreds of members of the Glendale Elks Lodge are upset about the song, saying, "It's deplorable and inappropriate and the Lodge will take disciplinary action against [Fishell] and possibly the people who organized this event."

The trustee added, "We don't stand for any racist things like this."


Bob Slatten said...

Sick motherf**ker.

Dawna said...

I'd like to believe people like that wouldn't get past the 1st stage of recruitment here in London. But I have a feeling they do.
Fortunately for us, in the main, they don't carry guns.

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