Sunday, December 21, 2014

My Rant on Officials Blaming Mayor De Blasio, Al Sharpton and the Peaceful Protesters over the NYPD Shootings

The aftermath of the NYPD shootings were very interesting to watch.

Immediately after the murders, people put the blame on Mayor Bill De Blasio, the Eric Garner Protesters and Rev. Al Sharpton. Seriously, they did. But who are they? Well, let's get started.

Since Mayor De Blasio got into office, many in the NYPD ranks were not fans, as well as conservative leaders. After Eric Garner's murderer was cleared, the mayor spoke out on the history of violence and tension between the Black community, NYPD and the country. Also Al led a march in NYC focusing on the same issues as well last weekend.

Quickly, conservatives and disgruntled cops used all of that against them. See here:

Then, the president of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, Pat Lynch start clowning

Then this childish mess during the major's press conference

Real talk, NYPD Cops... Get over yourselves!

I understand that some of you are mad, but seriously, recognize the truth and history that has brought us here today. Yes, there is bad history between the community and the cops. Mayor De Blasio spoke the truth, Al Sharpton spoke the truth and right now, y'all can't handle it! There is tension, and it's been there for decades! Blaming others for calling it out and trying to change it is very silly.

Turning your back on the mayor is disrespectful and very telling about who you are as cops. To me, you proved that when it gets rough, you can't deal with it and act like teen-aged boys full of cum and rage. What happened to the cops were NOT the fault of  the mayor, Al or the protesters.

This is deeper than that. This is what happens when a system is flawed and broken. This is what happens when oppression is alive and well. This is what happens no one wants to tackle the racial issues boiling on the fire.

I'm not supporting what happened, but I am acknowledging the reality of where we are now. The cops need to embrace that there has been major issues going on. And they should be open to fixing it, not turning their backs, and ignoring the actions and issues that got us here.

Learn the history and accept the truth. It's tough, but it's the only way we can more forward.


orlando407 said...

Considering how you consistently trash the police your sympathy for those cops is about as sincere as a used car salesman trying to sell a Pinto to a nun.

TD Wells said...

Those who want to blame you, Sharpton all the way up to the President for "anti-police ramble rousing" have missed the point again. No one has said it was OK to kill the cops. However people need to understand that the protests were fueled by the action of the police against the community over a span of decades... Not the other way around. After years of that, people are going to fight back. The protests and the shooting of the cops was the effect... The police abusing the public they were sworn to protect, is the cause

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