Monday, April 15, 2013

Explosions at the Boston Marathon's Finish Line UPDATE President Obama speaks

UPDATES: 2 dead and 23 injured, Medical tents are up

UPDATE 2: NYPD and Homeland Security are deploying in NYC

UPDATE 3: over 100 injured, Boston police are guarding a “possible suspect” who had been wounded in the blasts, federal officials tell NBC News

UPDATE 4: President Obama speaks about the incident

UPDATE 5: 134 injured, at least 17 in critical condition, at least 8 are children, 10 amputations performed and Guardsmen have arrived

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Anonymous said...

Something interesting to consider. This means the intelligence apparatus completely failed ONCE AGAIN. So basically they've violated our civil rights for nothing and haven't protected us from jack shit. So now Homeland Security and BPD look like jackasses.

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