Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Russell 'Hollywood' Simpson: An Open Letter

Russell 'Hollywood' Simpson...

I hope you have been thinking about your actions lately. This whirlwind of trashy media posts and speculation always brings out the messiness in urban bloggers and so-called social media gurus, however it has also brought out the worst in you as well.

Do you even know what's really being said about you? Are you aware of how you look to the masses? Well, I will tell you. You look like a fool, a bitter queen who watched way too many CW TV shows and read more than two books by Zane.

Why would you go on horrid gossip sites to tell your 'story' and hope to be taken seriously? Yes, they are loving you now because you're giving them traffic and a lot dumb ass comments, but what you don't see is how you have become a messy, messy gay.

A terrible person, to say the least.

You knew what you were getting into: A closeted man with a high profile career. You knew how this was going to play out. If you didn't you should have at least thought about it. Right now, you are beyond reasoning. The way you're handling this tells more about you than anything else. What we all see is a newly born attention seeker and a horrible one at that.

In someways, you are the mythical gay Boogeyman. You are the fear to some gay men about relationships, intimacy and trust. And then you're the sad case of foolishness. You had no problems taking his money, going on these trips and excepting his gifts. No, you had no problem being on the DL then. But when he decided to leave you, the problem starts?

Child cheese, you had a problem once the money stopped. Now you're selling your ass to the highest bidder, hoping to get 15 minutes for your stupidity. You are NOT a victim, you are the loser. I hope this 'fame' gives you some self-esteem, because after this mess blows over you will be forever known as the childish queen who took advantage of a sad situation. Kerry is not an angel in this mess, but you could've been the one who took the high road... But you didn't.

So enjoy this 6 minutes of fame, Russell and don't be surprised if you're shaded from the community. No one wants to be around someone who can easily and stab them in back for a few posts on blogs. Face it, Russell; you have earned this Bitter Gold Digging Trade crown.

Now take your place in the Hall of Shame and twirl on that.


Prince Toddy English said...

Girl YES!
You gave it to "Hollywood" the way she needed to have it given to.
With that said I would like to say good luck with getting anymore High Profile trade to give him the time of day now.
He will be lucky if he can get a date with a pastor in a hood church (right next door to a liquor store).
Messy, MESSY, kween that I have absolutely zero respect for.
An embarrassment to gay men in general.
Yes, you may have had a bad break up...But if you had ANY love for your man whatsoever you would empathize with him and not put his business all out there.
Kerry gave him a taste of a lavish lifestyle AND himself (oop).
Ungrateful hussy.

Anonymous said...

I don't see where he out Kerry. He was in a relationship & his mate denied him. So, he is good enough to screw but not good enough to be public. Let your man or woman, deny you and all hell would break loose. Kerry needs to be a man & not act like a child. If you're gay your gay big damn deal!!!!

K. Clark said...

@Anonymous: No one is saying Kerry is 100% innocent in this situation. If he is in fact gay (which looks to be pretty likely) it would be great if he came out and didn't deny it. But Kerry is not Ted Haggard or Eddie Long, preaching hate against the community while getting his swerve on in the dark. Kerry has not publicly said anything hateful or disrespectful toward the LGBT community and even went on record supporting gay players. Point being, I and many others don't see the reason for outing Kerry and plastering text messages and photos all over the blogs.

Russell knew from the jump what the deal was between the two of them and chose to go along with it for the sake of cars, red bottoms and private jets. And now he wants to play scorned lover and "activist," when anyone who watches those Youtube videos of him can see this gal is more thirsty than a humpless camel in the Sahara for attention?

Chile please.

SEAN said...


One question. Is Child cheese a typo or a new saying? I hope it's a typo and not yet another reminder of my advancing age. :)

Wonder Man said...

Child cheese is slang for child please

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:
I understand that Mr. Russell Hollywood Simpson feels like he is being "erased" and is mad about it but after he outed his ex-boyfriend in such a public way he will NEVER get with another high profile athlete/entertainer again.

Also other closeted high profile guys are probably going to look at this incident and conclude that black gay men are not a good bet for relationships.

kayman said...

As much as I want to not laugh, but this is one of the stupendously ridiculous stories of 2013 so far. Kerry Rhodes and Russell Jackson are both from Birmingham, where I'm from as well, and that mess goes back. Kerry and Channing Tatum used to hang out back in the day, so you all fill in the blank...

I think there is a lesson to be learned from this story, don't cross a queen because they will burn your whole house down to the ground

Immanuel said...

@K. CLARK: Brother preach cuz you aint saying nothing but the truth.

Immanuel said...

It was a great letter Wonder Man! That Kuntry Kween really needs to read it.

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