Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tweet of the Day

Somebody cal Dr. Phill


BloggerJoe said...

Oh, cry me a river! Why is it that "true Christians" can never accept God's Will when it isn't what they want?

Roger Poladopoulos said...

Four more years worth of tears? I hope she stays hydrated.

Lucifer Arnold said...

Dear Victoria, I couldn't agree with you more, America has died.
People who think and talk like you do aren't dying fast enough.

Anonymous said...

Actually America didn't die, it just got better!

I've noted the bigots are oddly quiet about the victories in those four states last night.

I'd say this bodes well for the Prop 8 case being accepted by the USSC, and the DOMA cases too. It's funny how society moves politically. I think it started back in May when VP Biden and President Obama supported equality. I think people saw that and though that if they could do it, then there was no reason those people couldn't do it.

And the snowball becomes a raging ball of snow and ice and continues to roll down the hill!

Bob said...

I died...laughing at bigots homophobes and asshats like Jackson are crying today.


Greg said...

Why is she even relevant?

apitt said...

Thank you Greg.

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