Friday, November 9, 2012

New Trailer: World War Z


SEAN said...

That trailer shows the movie will be nothing like the book. The zombies in the book were not fast moving and the central character was a reporter collecting stories of the survivors experiences. The timeline jumped so that a complete picture of what had happened, how it happened, how they delt with the zombies and how the zombies were affected by cold, stairs, water, how the military had to develop new fighting tactics.

The book was hard to get into because each chapter kinda stood on its own and the only constants are the reporter , who we really don't get to know or care about, and the war.

I'm glad it's a big budget and Brad is in it, his movies aren't aren't always good but they're almost never bad or flops.

Lucifer Arnold said...

According to the Bible this will one day happen.

Kyle Leach said...

I agree with Sean that if people go into this thinking it will be the book they will be disappointed. What we are seeing is nothing like the book. I liked the book because of the differing perspectives. With that being said, now that I know it won't be the book, it look pretty good.

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