Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Kenya’s first Gay Candidate David Kuria Mbote hopes for a Win

David Kuria is making history and some noise as the 1st openly gay man running for office in Kenya.

David hopes to make changes in the views of gay people, while fighting for better healthcare and education.

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In Kenya, the only openly gay public figures are a few activists, including Kuria. When IPS asked him why he went public in a society so averse to his sexuality, he cited an experience trying to pressure the National AIDS Commission to include gay men as an HIV risk group.

“At first the woman in charge told us we were attention-seekers. But after they released the Kenya AIDS survey and modes of transmission, they started seeing the things that we were telling them: that gay men were a high HIV risk group, and that this needed to be addressed.

“And this same lady that called us attention-seekers became so pro-active for us it amazed me. It showed me that people could change. Witnessing that shift pushed me to do more,” he said.

Kuria’s frankness in public about his sexual orientation shocked many, especially considering that between the ages of 13 and 27, Kuria was preparing to become a Jesuit priest, graduating with degrees in theology and philosophy. Since leaving the seminary, he has earned an MBA at the University of Nairobi and this December he is scheduled to receive a master’s degree in finance.
I wish him good luck and I admire his courage and integrity.


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