Saturday, November 10, 2012

Interesting Quote: Ken Hutcherson

"I have been preaching and pushing and talking unity till I am blue in the face and you guys know how black I am in the face. I have continued to look that God is still on the throne, this is not a man’s decision in these elections, there is no way in the world that we should have had the votes that we had. So I am praying that we really get in the face of the church, really get in the face of the conservative leaders, really get in the face of churches. We have major churches out here that did not stand up, did not even raise a finger to defeat this whole thing on same-sex marriage and that is just an abomination to God. I am sick and tired of the homosexuals taking words that God has given us, I am sick and tired of the homosexual community taking our rainbow when God gave us that promise that He would not destroy the earth with water again. We have just become irrelevant, we are just sissified, we are evangeli-fish with no spiritual vertebrae and we need to wake up."


R.J. said...

Maybe they should have nominated a Christian in the primaries? Oh yeah. The Democrats nominated one and these fools wouldn't vote for Obama.

I'm sick and tired of hypocrites like Ken Hutcherson hiding their bigotry behind their Bibles.

Lucifer Arnold said...

He makes a little sense when it comes to the rainbow.

Lucifer Arnold said...

I do wish that every one can be at peace within and other people alone. We are all human?? and want the same things in life.
I prefer white men myself and I would just like everyone to be happy and the haters to stop hating. I do feel we gay men are going to start bashing back in a big way. After all Gay man are the toughest men on the planet.

Bob said...

I find it odd that you label a Hutcherson quote "interesting" when all it is is bigoted, homophobic and bass-ackwards!

Lucifer Arnold said...

Rainbow is from GOD, a sign of a promise I do believe.

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