Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Gov. Christie calls for referendum on issue of legalizing Marriage Equality

With New Jersey so close to marriage equality, somebody had to rain on the parade. And that someone is Mr. Christie.
Gov Chris Christie called today for a voter referendum on the fall ballot over the issue of legalizing gay marriage. 

If successful, the referendum would change the state Constitution. He urged Republicans in the Legislature to put the matter to voters. But if a bill made it to his desk, Christie said he would veto it.
Christie doesn't want officials to decided on marriage equality, he wants the people to decide. However, he will veto the bill if it comes to him. If the people want this, why would he deny the community? I don't get this, Chris Christie!



R.J. said...

What an asshat.

Ron said...

What am I missing here? Governor Christie wants the voters to vote on whether to discriminate against one segment of the population? I like Christie but he's WRONG on this one.

Roger Poladopoulos said...

He's seriously hoping the majority will vote to deny equality to the minority. Let's hope it all comes back to bite him on his...posterior. Of course, ultimately, the legislature could possibly over-ride his veto.

Stan said...

Worse Governor since Christine Todd Whitman!

Stan (a NJ resident)

Bob said...

You cannot let the majority vote on the rights of the minority.

'Nuff said.

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