Sunday, January 29, 2012

CNN talks with the Family of Robert Champion Jr.

To be honest, I am not pleased that his sexuality is NOT mentioned at all! This part of his life can't be ignored. I hope in future interviews, his family discusses his sexuality.


Ron said...

You confirmed the feeling I had that something was missing from this story. Maybe someday a book or a movie can be made about Robert Champion's life that tells the truth.

luciferosirisarnold said...

If you have to hide then people will pick up on that and start thinking the wrong thing. There is nothing wrong with being gay.

Bama Boi said...

Honestly, I think the family bringing up his sexuality to begin with was in some way to heighten the tragedy even more. It's sad either way, but hazing in the marching band is nothing new and widely known among HBCU students.

From personal experience being in the marching band, there is a lot of Lesbian, Gay, and Bi representation within the HBCU marching band community. I can't say that Champion's harsh hazing treatment was based on his sexuality alone if at all, but maybe based on other variables sprouting from the state of the hazers and the environment. I have friends that have been hazed just to join a particular society within their bands section, many of them being seriously injured.

All I can is that it is a matter of wanting to be accepted by their peers. I've never condoned it, and I hate this has happened; however, the responsibility is split between the all participating parties: the band director, the students, the drum major section, the president of FAMU, and unfortunately Robert.

It may have been a case of hazing gone too far with the possible motive being that it was a hate crime to single out Robert; however, it was gone too far. Hindsight will not change what's been done, and for that, it is absolutely sad.

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