Monday, January 30, 2012

Tennessee Restaurant kicks out Mega Homophobe Senator Stacey Campbell

I am happy to hear that there's hope in my homestate. I just read on the Back2Stonewall's blog that the  Bistro at the Bijou kicked Senator Stacey Campbell out their restaurant for his homophobic actions!

Here's the story:
 Anti-Gay Tennessee Senator Stacey Campbell the force behind Tennessee’s “Don’t Say Gay” Bill got a taste of his own hateful medicine this weekend when the restaurant owner Martha Boggs of the Bistro at the Bijou in Knoxville refused to serve Campbell over his anti-gay statements and hateful agenda and told him to leave.
“I didn’t want his hate in my restaurant. I told him he wasn’t welcome here. … I feel like he’s gone from being stupid to being dangerous, and I wanted to stand up to him.”
Besides the Tennessee’s “Don’t Say Gay” Bill.  In recent months Campbell has asserted that bullying of gay kids “is a lark”, compared homosexuality to sex with animals, that homosexuality is “glorified” in the media, and that it’s “virtually impossible” for heterosexuals to contract AIDS and that AIDS was created by a gay man who had sex with a monkey.

There's more! The Bistro is getting a lot of support on their Facebook page and now, there's a petition to recall the hateful Senator. Way to go, Tennessee!