Friday, January 20, 2012

Newt the Hut loses his Cool over 'Open Marriage' Question - VIDEO

See, Newt messed up here. He could've played it cool and answered the question instead of acting like a crybaby over it.

Newt proved that the guilty bird sings the loudest and if the gets too hot, he can't handle it. Also, blaming the media is not the best thing to do. They are going to wear this out (YESSS). Plus, he just gave ABC high ratings for this interview. Basically, he's screwed.


Miss Ginger Grant said...

He made a complete, total, out of control ass of himself- and I LOVED every minute of it! Who wants a president who can't keep his cool? Not me!

I want BHO! He is Mr. Cool!

Bob said...

He's a petulant child and that don't play in the White House.
Neither does being a serial mistress fucker and hypocrite.

luciferosirisarnold said...

I guess John was suppose to ask the questions Newt rehearsed. John is not the enemy those men on the stage with Newt are the ones he should be trying to make look out of touched. I can't wait for this lard ass to get out of his comfort zone.

Stan said...

Newt did what he does best. Turn it around and throw red meat to that redneck, racist, homophobic audiance.

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