Sunday, January 29, 2012

White House will host LGBT conferences across country

I learn about this at Creating Change from some in the Obama Administration. They are hosting a series conferences to discuss LGBT issues.
Washington Blade has the story:
In a statement, the White House identified the White House LGBT Conference on Health — which will be held in Philadelphia on Feb. 16 — as the inaugural event for the initiative. The conference is set to feature remarks from Secretary of Health & Human Services Kathleen Sebelius.

The statement says the events — which will take place from February to June 2012 — will be a collaboration between the White House Office of Public Engagement and other departments and agencies. Expected attendees include grassroots leaders, community organizers, advocates, students and others.

Future White House LGBT conferences after the initial event will be held in other places throughout the country. Topics are set to include housing and homelessness, safe schools and communities as well as HIV/AIDS prevention. According to the White House, more details will be made public later.
Fred Sainz, vice president of communications at the Human Rights Campaign, said the conferences are ”a good sign that the administration is attentive to the needs of our community.”
Some are concerned that marriage isn't listed. However, we are learning that other issues are taking center stage. I have to say at the Obama Administration session, activists talked more about homelessness and the economy. Seems like priorities are shifting.

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