Sunday, January 29, 2012

So What will the Beauty and Beast Remake be About?

New news on the B and B remake, reboot or whatever this is.  So, here we go with the lowdown.

There is a 'Catherine' and a 'Vincent' and this is how they meet.

Well, they first meet when she’s younger. When Catherine’s mother was killed in a car-jacking (or whatever it was –  Catherine’s never been convinced it was a simple car-jacking) Vincent was the one who snatched the young girl and saved her from the same fate. As the newspapers tell us, Catherine claimed ‘the beast’ saved her but nobody has laid eyes on him since.

Years later, they’ll meet again under different circumstances. Catherine is now a feisty, slightly troubled (She can’t keep a relationship; struggles with her mother’s passing) New York City cop who comes across Vincent, the beast, at an old abandoned chemical warehouse.
She’s there to speak to a man named TJ, whose car was spotted at a crime scene nights before — a young woman was poisoned. Dead. T.J isn’t there, but instead, she speaks to his ‘roomie’… who remains shrouded in shadows for the most part. 

Catherine is alarmed to discover her ‘Beast’ – the one that saved her as a youngster -is the one behind the shadow. She is taken back by Vincent – once he emerges from the shadows – but despite his features, trusts him when he declares he and his friend did not hurt the girl, but only tried to help her (just as he had done numerous other times; Vincent’s become sort-of like a local ‘Batman’ to the people).
Who is Vincent?
He's a super soldier. Think of V from "V is for Vendetta" with hair.

Is this familiar?
Yes, it's the Birds of Prey/Dark Knight/Bionic Woman remake milkshake.

There's more to the story, but in a nutshell... That's it. Please check out more details here

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