Sunday, January 22, 2012

Angie Bowie: The Wonder Woman that never Was

Angie Bowie (David's ex) was on a comic book roll. She tried the Black Widow route and she tried to be Diana.

A great WW resource, Wonder Woman Museum has the scoop:
Did you know that rock star wife Angela Bowie - also known as "Jipp Jones" - once auditioned for the lead role in Wonder Woman? Although her own reports claim that Lynda Carter got the role, timing and historical fact-checking show that Bowie actually auditioned for the first Wonder Woman telefilm, which starred Cathy Lee Crosby.

Bowie's first public discussion of the
Wonder Woman audition was on The Tonight Show, in an episode originally aired on 11-16-1973, with the guests Dinah Shore, Joan Rivers, Angela Bowie, and Ashley Montagu. According to the official Johnny Carson website, Bowie discussed "Loving America, being the wife of rock star David Bowie, the Royal Wedding being boring, and their Zowie."

In addition to her appearance on
The Tonight Show, Bowie's audition was mentioned in the Feb. 11, 1974 issue of Newsweek, in which it was reported that Angela Bowie had been considered for the role of Wonder Woman for an upcoming ABC-TV movie but lost the part for her refusal to wear a bra. A rock magazine [believed to be Creem] also did a one-page photo spread (seen below).

Miss Angie was a busy heifer back in the 70s.

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luciferosirisarnold said...

I see why she didn't get the part, she looks like a man.

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