Saturday, January 28, 2012

Protesters interrupt Marco Rubio's Speech at the Hispanic Leadership Network Conference

DREAMers (folks who support the Dream Act) interrupted Rubio's speech at the Hispanic Leadership Network yesterday.

Naked Politics reports
In the lead-up to Rubio's speech, critics from a group called Presente Action had a propeller plane circling the Doral Golf Resort & Spa with a banner reading, Hey Marco: No Somos Rubios, which translates to "We aren't Rubios." It's a play on words on the word rubio, which in Spanish means blond or fair. The group is attacking Rubio largely over immigration, protesting that the senator doesn't support the pro-immigrant DREAM Act.

After saying a few words in Spanish, Rubio, who was greeted by a standing ovation, said he got a text message froma friend telling him about the airplane banner. "Marco, we're not blond," he said, translating the banner. "Which, by coincidence, neither am I -- although if I'm in the Senate for another year, I may start being a little bit more gray."

The crowd laughed. Then Rubio immediately went into the issue of immigration -- and a couple of suit-clad protesters stood up, raised signs that said "Marco Rubio -- Latino or Tea-Partino" and asked Rubio why he isn't helping them. "You're an immigrant yourself!" they yelled.

Rubio appeared unfazed. Security approached the protesters while Rubio said, "I ask that you guys let them stay, because I think that they're going to be interested in what I'm going to say." Rubio got a standing ovation. "I don't want them to leave," he repeated. "I want them to stay."

"Let them stay!" chanted the crowd.

But the protesters were escorted out.
Rubio's is rumored to be on the VP short list. However, he is not completely loved by the Latino community.


luciferosirisarnold said...

He was elected by the TEA= The Enemy of America. He is a liar. I remember when Cuban and Mexicans didn't get along, I am beginning to see why.

Bob said...

Marco Rubio is not at all what he makes himself out to be.

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