Monday, January 30, 2012

In Georgia: Elementary Kids are playing 'Slave Games'

Are Georgia elementary schools just soaking in racism? Another elementary school is trying bring slavery in the mix, but this time, it's through a game.
 Parents of students at Camp Creek Elementary School in Lilburn, Ga., are outraged after a 3rd-grader told her mother about a "slave game" students had been instructed to play.

"It was kind of like tag, but we were slaves and slave catchers," mother Ericka Lasley said her daughter told her, the station reports.

Another parent, Charvia Rivers, says her children reported the same thing, but Gwinnett County Schools spokesman Jorge Quintana told the station that a district investigation found that the teacher did not organize the game. 

"The district determined that the activity was student-initiated and that allegations regarding the teacher’s involvement were unfounded," Quintana said in a statement to the station. Nevertheless, the district is planning to hold diversity training for teachers in light of the incident.
This district needs to be investigated because this mess is too much.



Anonymous said...

Friend of mine lives in Stone Mountain. She tells me that Gwinnett is just a tad off to begin with.

luciferosirisarnold said...

Freddie Krugger where the hell are you????

Bob said...

What the hell is wrong with those people in Gwinnett?

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