Saturday, May 29, 2010

Wale's back on for DC Black Pride

Well, I guess the pressure worked. Wale is back on with DC Black Pride.

Metro Weekly reports:
According to Earl Fowlkes, the DC Black Pride board member acting as spokesperson for the nonprofit organization, Wale's people reached out to Black Pride this week, requesting their client be given time on Black Pride's stage.

''He wants to show that he's not [homophobic], and we don't see any reason, within parameters, why that can't happen,'' Fowlkes said, speaking to Metro Weekly on Thursday evening, May 27.

''Wale is going to make a guest appearance and a comment about the situation and we felt like that was appropriate,'' Fowlkes says. ''His appearance and his willingness to engage say a lot for his character.
Fowlkes also said:

Fowlkes predicts Wale will get a warm welcome.

''People are forgiving,'' he says, adding, "This whole situation can be looked at as a turning point for our black LGBT community. I can't imagine this happening ten years ago. I think that what has matured is not just our reaction, but that we had the kind of people on our board to be able to reveal to the world that the perception of homophobia is wrong.''

That's cute and all, but I hope there's some LGBT artists in this mix. WE need to show them some love too.

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Mighty Kwan said...

Glad the issue is semi-resolved and he gets an opportunity for redemption. Still hope the out gay rap community is getting some love in DC.

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