Saturday, June 29, 2013

Statement of the Week: I is what I is

Paula Deen was on te Today show just a sobbing and talking. But here is a statement that defined a lot about the South, her and where we are about this drama


LuCiFeR A said...

That saying "I is what I is' is about what color GOD is.

Anonymous said...

It probably would have been classier if she had just given us the middle finger.

LuCiFeR A said...

There has to be more to this story than I am hearing on the news, she is being dumped by most everyone who sponsored her.

There was a black guy and a white guy.
They were debating over whether god was white or black.
The white guy said that there was only one way to find out and that is to
So they go up on a hill and they pray, and pray, and pray.
Finally they hear a voice say, “I am what I am.”
The white guy jumps up, and says, “Aha, I told you he was white.”
The black guy jumps up and says, “What do you mean? That didn’t prove
“Yes it did. Because if he was black he would’ve said I is what I is.”

Bob said...

One of my issues with Paula Deen's racism, and that's what she is, racist, is that during a 2012 interview, she talked about her grandfather killing himself because after the Civil War he lost all his slaves and how the slaves were just like "family"--the kind of family that sleeps in slaves quarters and is also considered property.

Then she says she has a young black man who works for her and she says, "He as black as that wall."

Then, trying to point him out, she tells the young man to move away from the black wall because she can't see him.

In 2012.

You wanna believe she said the n-word once in her entire life, go ahead, but she's said far more racist and repugnant things, too.

Rusty said...

Damn. I really stayed away from all this drama but everything she is saying is ignorant and she is trying to hard to play innocent. And fuck is she even apologizing at this point? Or just begging for sympathy?

and while she is being dumped by her current sponsors I read that she is being picked up by a whole new set, a publishing company wants her story, cruiselines want her to headlines tours.

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