Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Birther Convention Canceled due to Very Low ticket sales

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio
The Crazies can't get it together. Their birther conference was canceled because poor ticket sales.

TPM reports:
Organizers of the gala, which would have featured Boone alongside Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio and some of the nation’s other prominent conspiracy theorists, broke the news online Friday that it was canceled “due to inadequate ticket sales.”

The Sept. 22 event was meant to bring together people from throughout the nation who believe Barack Obama’s birth certificate is fake and therefore he is ineligible to be president. Organizers planned to use it to call on Congress to take up Arpaio’s yearlong investigation into the documents.

The announcement was disappointing to the few people who did plan to attend, as evidenced by a handful of web postings about the cancellation. It didn’t take long for true believers to spin elaborate conspiracy theories about why the event was called off.
What theories? Here's one:
“The REASON the EVENT by Sheriff Joe & his Cold Case POSSE was CANCELLED is because the Sheriff & others are TOO DUMB to SEE the MURDERS Barack Obama had his Security Adviser John Brennan commit on Obama’s Gay Lovers in Chicago,”
Lord, these people need their minds erased.


Anonymous said...

Well - this is no surprise. The conspiracy theory folks are pretty much bat shit crazy.

Lucifer Arnold said...

I hope this guys slips into a coma.

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