Sunday, September 30, 2012

Paul Ryan to Chris Wallace: I Don't Have The Time' To Tell You How We'll Pay For Our Tax Plan - WATCH

Here is one of the key reasons why they are losing... The Tax plan



Cubby said...

Related: I saw Gov. Chris Christie on some political show this morning saying that President Obama needs to give specifics in his plan because he is president, but Romney need not give any specifics because he's not president. See that wonderful logic? Romney gets a total pass. Funny how no one gave Obama a pass four years ago, isn't it?

Bob said...

Oh Cubby. You and I think alike.
I saw Krispy Kreme this AM too and wondered the exact same thing about his "logic."

Ryan and Romney--and let's be clear, Romney is through and this is Ryan's chance to position himself for 2016--have all kinds of ideas that will save America from everything that ails us but they don't wanna be bothered to tell us how and why and at what cost to us.

Total asshats.

Szasz Sebes Paul said...

Great blog you have

Lucifer Arnold said...

On Sunday on Meet The Press, David Gregory twice asserted that, in May, President Obama declared that “al Qaeda has been defeated.” Gregory used that claim to advance a theory that Obama was simply not concerned enough about al Qaeda in advance of the attack on the American embassy in Libya.
David Sucks!!!

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