Friday, April 25, 2008

Orana: the forgotten Wonder Woman


A red-haired Amazon who challenged Princess Diana for the title of Wonder Woman. She succeeded but was killed in her first mission, battling a terrorist called Warhead, after which Diana avenged her death.

I liked her, but I guess DC didn't know what to do with Orana...oh, they did about 20 years later. She became Artemis!

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Greg said...

The Orana storyline was one of the first in my run of WW I remember her fondly.

I think they retold the story a little better with Artemis, having by then set up the whole (unfortunately named) Bana Mighdal Amazons.

I liked the way that Artemis was growing as a character (after returning from the dead) and so I was disappointed when all the Amazons went away during the OMAC crisis...

I hope she'll be back, strong as ever, when the Paradise Island "gals" finally reappear this year...and Phillipus, too, who's always been one of my favorite supporting cast members.