Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Moo-donna's going Black, and she may NEVER come back!

So the future Vegas act, Moo-donna is going on BET's 106 & park. My question is...Why?
There's no real R&B track on this CD so what is she going to say? Yes, this is a historic moment (supposedly) but to be real...Why has it taken over 20 years to go on BET? Tom Cruise been there twice and he doesn't even sing, well she doesn't either, but still why now?

Since she bringing her vampiring ass on the black folks tube, here are some questions they should ask

  1. What made you decide to come to BET?
  2. Have you ever said the n-word before?
  3. Who many DJs did you sleep with to get played in the 80s?
  4. Did you ever give credit to the New York ball scene and Willie Ninja for Vogue?
  5. Will you ever stop changing yourself?
  6. Will you teach your new African boy all about his culture or your fake one in England?
  7. Why didn't you work with Chris Brown?
  8. Are you afraid of Janet Jackson?
  9. Did you always want to be Black? And do you still want to be Black?
  10. What do you think of Beyonce?
I'm sure there's more but I think those are good enough

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Daemian said...

You know, if she actually answered those... I'd die. I mean.. I'd have seen and heard everything, I could die happily. LOL