Monday, April 28, 2008

Girl, Please

Sabrina (Ashley), the post teen-age hooker has the audacity to sue. Here the news:
Ashley Alexandra Dupré, the New Jersey woman at the center of the New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer call-girl scandal, filed suit Monday against Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis and his film company. The lawsuit seeks more than $10 million in damages. In legal documents, Dupré claims that Girls Gone Wild representatives approached her while she was vacationing in Florida in 2003. The representatives offered her alcohol, the suit alleges, before inducing her to expose her breasts for cameras and to sign a release form – even though she was 17 years old and not of legal age to properly enter into any contract. Since then, the suit claims, Girls Gone Wild has illegally exploited Dupré's name, picture, voice and likeness in a number of deceptive advertising campaigns and on Web sites.

Girl stop it. You can't sue them. Why? Because you agreed to do it. No one forced you, no one threaten your life. They supposedly offered you alcohol, which you were probably already drinking when you got to Florida.

And that's somewhat show business to bank on your GGW stint. The minute your card was played, of course Joe and his molester gang were going to cash in. Are you crazy to think otherwise. You're in the oldest profession in history and you feel wronged?

And why now? It's been 5 years! Since then you been a girl-for-hire and peddling your Puddycat Doll career.

Miss Dupre, just stop, we can see through your see through shirt. You can't be famous and play the victim, that's not going to work, girl. That's like saying I'm rich, but I need financial aid. You just hire a publicist, you're looking to write a book, and you're pushing your crappy music out on the scene. You know what you're doing. You have been since you hit the streets. The nerve of this maid of mess. Your 5 minutes of fame is so over. Get some counseling, learn from your mistakes, and get out of our lives.


Anonymous said...

actually she can if she was 17 at the time because she cdannot legally consent without parental permission

Butch said...

She didn't go quietly into the background after being exposed (if you will) in the governor's scandle. She is needing more that her 15 minutes of fame or infamy, however one looks at it. sad. No one will hire her now.

Butch said...

that should be scandal (brain is going, I swear.) ;-)