Monday, April 21, 2008

Gossip Girl: W.G.A.F. (Who Gives A Frak)

This is why the we need My So-called Life back. The Mess-o-drama is back tonight for no reason. Y'all can tell I don't like this show. Over the years, we have seen the best and worst of teen shows. The best ones (Buffy, My So-called Life, A Different World, Dawson's Creek the first 3 seasons) actually challenged people and were intelligent shows to watch. However, this crap is beneath most human thinking.

I saw an episode and that's all it took. Basically, this is a rehashed 90210 mixed with Melrose Place, Titans, and Sweet Valley High novels without the twin sisters. It's so stupid, just utterly stupid. It's beyond guilty pleasure, it's High Fructose Corn Syrup that clogs up arteries.

But why do I hate this show? I'll tell y'all right now:
The tired storyline of rich white kids is zombie-over. It's been done so many times it needs a STD test. You can't make this storyline any juicier, because it's not interesting. Here's an idea, do a story about rich kids losing everything, then move them to Arkansas, the Bronx, or south Philly.

It's a horrible, horrible ripoff of Manchester Prep. If you don't remember that natural disaster, here's a link to learn all about it:

It's makes a mockery of New York and is trying to follow in the Sex and the City heels. In fact, every SATC copy needs to cease and desist.

No diversity, I'm sick of these colorless shows, seriously in another 10 years we will truly be colorblind. It time to get with it.

The ads are desperate and I could care less about a character being gay. That's also a tired ploy to use. Give me something more than a character being gay, make him a serial killer, a Skrull, or a satanist...something.

We got The Hills, which is actually better to watch (sorry to admit that)

It's poorly written. There's nothing interesting in these characters, hell, I get more from the Rock of Love girls.

But what could work? Well, if you revamped the show and put in students of color, lose the tease of sex, get someone pregnant, make them middle class, and someone's parent has a sex change. I may consider watching it.


Jamie said...

Did you just use "Frak"?

You really are liking Battlestar Galactica... heh heh.


Alex said...

Amen, Amen!

I am so OVER the sad tired story of privileged, rich, white kids and all their doings....Just once I would love to see other people of color...I am done with being "invisible".

Ken said...

can't say I ever bothered watching it...

I was a major fan of "My So-Called Life", though. It was the closest thing to reality on TV back in the day. But a lot of people don't want to see shows based on any kind of reality, just drama...