Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hard Candy is nothing but Coco Puffs

I listened to Hard Candy and I wasn't surprised. This is over-produced and over-hyped. I felt I was listening to a midlife crisis on steroids. Moo-donna worked with too many people on this CD. And it sounds like them, not her. It was like she was trying to keep up with the times.

If you can, remember when Ethel Merman did a Disco album in 1979? Well, that's what Hard Card reminds me of. An old broad still trying to hang on. The songs are lackluster, half cute, and Britney-ish. I wanted more from her. I hoped her CD would be good, actually it's better than Janet's and Mariah's CDs. But to be honest, they all disappointed me. They are almost irrelevant in the biz. Sure they bring in big numbers, but their music sucks to me. And Moo-donna... I secretly wanted to like this CD, but I didn't. It's not bad, but it's not her best. I haven't bought any songs from this CD. In fact, I just bought the song True Blue from way back. I guess I liked her non-hip-gansta-ho/go-go approach to music.

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Christopher said...


I'm so tired of all the hype this album is getting...I heard it and really WANTED to like it, but there's not one track that I really like....it's just ok... I guess. I know that there are countless homos out there that are just gushing over this album, and it has me saying really? no seriously, really?

You summed up my feelings on this album perfectly....but now I guess you & me have to beware the Gay Mafia