Monday, April 21, 2008

Favorite Comic mini-series...The Milkman Murders

I was a bit disappointed with the Friday the 13th comic book series, but I was glad to come across, The Milkman Murders.

Comic kids, if you love horror, or disturbing stories, this is the one for you. It came out about 3 years ago, it's such a great read.

The description goes like this: After an assault by a mysterious and monstrous milkman, a typical American housewife has finally had too much of her hideous, deranged family, in this twisted parody of a Norman Rockwell image as painted by serial-killing folk-artist John Wayne Gacy. She takes a simple word of advice from her idol, the perfect 1950's mom on her television screen-"Discipline."

I loved this story. It was smart, sad, but creepy. I made me think about what really goes on in our homes. If y'all get the chance, check it out.


Christopher said...

I will have to check this out..

Christopher said...

Okay, I just ordered this from Amazon--it better rock! Oh! I love Richard Laymon books too!