Thursday, February 5, 2015

In Kentucky: Ark Creators want to sue the State for Discrimination

This Ark in Kentucky is really a huge mess.

The project's president Ken Ham is suing the state of Kentucky for... Wait for it... DISCRIMINATION!

This man and this Answers in Genesis (AiG) company, who openly discriminate against the LGBT community, wants to sue Kentucky? Yes, and here's why:

Ironically, it was the project's proprietor, Answers in Genesis, refusing to agree to hiring practices that wouldn't discriminate on the basis of religion that led Kentucky tourism officials to yank about $18 million worth of crucial tax incentives for Ark Encounter in December.

Answers in Genesis said in a statement Tuesday that the decision to reject its application for the tax incentives "violates federal and state law and amounts to unlawful viewpoint discrimination."

"Our organization spent many months attempting to reason with state officials so that this lawsuit would not be necessary," Answers in Genesis President Ken Ham said in the statement. "However, the state was so insistent on treating our religious entity as a second-class citizen that we were simply left with no alternative but to proceed to court. This is the latest example of increasing government hostility towards religion in America, and it's certainly among the most blatant."

So, it's really about using religion to discriminate against others. Also, he believes that religious freedom trumps all. This Ken Ham is truly messed up because he's rich, a bigot and has too much power. I hope this lawsuit crashes and burns.


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