Friday, February 6, 2015

Trans Activists storm the stage at the National LGBTQ Task Force Conference

via TransGriot

During the National LGBTQ Task Force's annual Creating Change, an amazing thing happened.

Close to 100 Trans activists and allies took the stage to inform LGBT orgs and donors that if they want their support, it's time to include the Trans community in the overall process.

TransGriot reports:

Minutes after a moment of silence was completed for slain teen Jessie Hernandez, who was shot and killed by the Denver Police on January 26, several members of the Trans Latina Coalition along with queer POC youth rushed the stage just as MC Kate Clinton was approaching the podium shouting "Trans Lives Matter" and "Jessie, presente!"

After Clinton graciously yielded the podium to the protestors, Bamby Salcedo read a statement and a list of demands calling for more robust support for trans people and to end the obscene levels of anti-trans and police violence negatively impacting trans women of color from the LGB community as the capacity plenary crowd cheered.

Here are the demands:

*Funders and organizations, especially LGBT organizations to intentionally invest in the Trans Community

*Support and acknowledge trans leadership to build and foster strength in our power.

*Meaningful equity of resources in order to eradicate the economic and health crisis our brothers and sisters face.

*LGBT and ally organizations to hire trans people for leadership positions. We demand for these organizations to be intentionally inclusive and truly provide leadership opportunities for the trans community. If you serve us, you must include us.
*Investments in new and upcoming trans specific organizations and support their works in underserved areas.

*Big tent and anchor organizations to leverage their access to policy makers and funders and use their privilege to support trans-led efforts in eradicating the ongoing structural violence that our community faces.

I applaud the Trans activists to calling out the orgs and demanding solidarity. Hopefully, folks were listening.

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That;s the $64,000 question Viktor

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