Friday, February 13, 2015

Good Bye, Gay App

After 2 years on the gay app, Bear 411, I have decided to leave it... Actually, run far from it. Folks, I am convinced that these apps are nothing good. I've only joined this one, but I couldn't imagine being on multiple ones. Why? Because you will get the same results, nothing.

That's what I got from this app, nothing. Well, I got some things from it:

  • A guy who confessed that he was a serial dater and liar
  • A guy who wanted to have sex with me because we're both from the south
  • Seeing my ex on the site
  • A bunch of guys who still live with their parents
  • Men over the age of 40 who are still in the closet
  • A guy who started out great, but later tried to sell me life insurance
  • Two guys who were so bad at sex, they should be put of their misery
  • A bunch of flakes
  • Several guys who wanted to see my Black Dick
  • Over 239 guys who wanted to bottom for me
  • A few guys who said they wanted to date, but really want to have arm candy
  • And one indecent proposal... I don't need a Sugar Daddy
I did meet 2 guys that I will keep, but they rest of them... Bye! 


Mark Ehlers said...

I'm surprised you kept such meticulous records of your online encounters. I use Bear411 just to check out hot guys. And any conversations I have are usually with guys so geographically far from me that mild flirting doesn't hurt since we both know it will never lead to anything.
Now the things you mentioned are more what I get on Growlr.

BloggerJoe said...

I understand and agree with your assessment and your reasoning, but I do have to say I met my husband at, and one of my best friends on Also met my fair share of flakes and weirdos, but two successes seem good overall.

Kevin T said...

That's what's up, man. I can't suffer a mental breakdown by attempting to scour any of those apps. Those days have passed, and I don't plan on going back.

Especially if I run into another Man over the age of 40 who is still in the closet. a 3 Year relationship with that type was enough.

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