Monday, February 23, 2015

Screenwriter Graham Moore is Straight

Screenwriter Graham Moore gave a great speech after winning his Oscar for Best Screenplay for the film, The Imitation Game. Many folks assumed that he was gay given that he talked about suicide and wrote the film about Alan Turing.

So, I decided to do some digging and found an article that set the record straight (no pun intended)

Here's a snippet:
I wanted to know if there was any gay sex/love in the film? “No”, he replied abruptly, his tone changing… as if this question had been asked too many times, or… this was a question that he had been expecting, but didn’t want to answer. Realizing there was something amiss, I asked Graham if he was gay. Graham told me that he is a straight man. I told him rather grandly that all of my films had gay themes. Perhaps, sensing my ire, my gay militancy or simply knowing that a gay film maker in Hollywood is perceived as a lesser film maker, to some… no more than a pornographer, Moore boasted that he had gone to great lengths to purge the film of anything gay. He didn’t want Turing’s gayness to be a ‘distraction’. He didn’t want gay sex to ‘put off the majority’. He was adamant that he didn’t want his film to be a gay film.

I warned him that his rather old fashioned attitude could cause a backlash… that Turing was an important part of our LGBT history. That Alan Turing had been tortured by the state for being gay. Moore scoffed that I was still in a minority and people were interested in Turing the man and not Turing the gay man.
Now I have a clip of Graham saying it himself

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