Friday, February 20, 2015

B. Scott and BET have Reached a Settlement

The 2-year legal battle between media personality B. Scott and BET/Viacom has come to an end. The two have reached a settlement in the gender discrimination case.

Now to flash back, this issue started when B. Scott was asked to host the BET Awards red carpet event. B. Scott was wearing an outfit that BET deemed to be "too feminine".

They forced B. Scott to change to look more masculine. That move bothered many of Scott's fans, as well as, B. Scott. Later, Scott filed a discrimination lawsuit against BET/Viacom, but a judge ruled in BET's favor, citing that the network had the right to make Scott change clothes. However, something was said and done to reach a new settlement.

B. Scott released this statement:
Dear love muffins,

After two years of a lengthy legal battle with BET/Viacom, I can say that a settlement has been reached and ‘the matter is resolved’.

It’s never an easy decision to stand up for yourself and fight for your right to be who you are. It’s something that I believe in and it’s something that I’ll always continue to defend.

In recent months we’ve witnessed transgender individuals, gender non-conforming performers, and other allies in the fight for equality receive opportunities that may not have been extended to them a few years ago.

I’m proud to say I’m part of the change. I truly hope that by walking in my truth it encourages others to be who they are. Thank you to my attorney Waukeen McCoy, my family and friends, and of course my love muffins for all of your continued support.

I must say, through it all God is so good.

As always, double kisses xoxo!


B. Scott

P.S. I can’t wait to share with you the many exciting projects I have coming up this year!

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