Saturday, July 13, 2013

Dumbass NTSB Intern sent TV Station Racist Names of the Asiana Pilots

Some summer intern from the National Transportation Safety Board thought it would be funny to create 4 fake Asian pilot names and blast them on national television.

During a news report about Asiana flight 214, KTVU read off these names: "Ho Lee Fuk," "Sum Ting Wong," and a couple of other racist names. After folks complained, NTSB got to the bottom of it and found out a summer intern sent in the names.

Why? Because they are a dick. I hope that intern got fired and their ass kicked.



R.J. said...

I hope that internship was an unpaid one, too.

truthspew said...

I have to admit though it was just a little bit hilarious. That the media automatically assumed it was correct says a lot.

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