Saturday, July 6, 2013

Black Media Scoop's post about a Wife catching her Down Low Husband is a HOAX!

Black Media Scoop posted this story about a week ago.

Supposedly, a woman caught her husband in the bed with another man. Oh my, call Jesus! But here's the thing... This is a HOAX!

This foolishness is an example of poo-putt reporting and thanks to some digging, I learned that this story is almost a year old!

Go here, see for yourself here (thanks to Scott Wooledge)

Gossip blogs like Black Media Scoop and Media Take Out consistently put out this malarkey to stir up Down Low drama amongst the Black gay community. They rarely do any research and usually very wrong with their info. But every time they get a chance, they put out some faux DL story. In fact, most of their gay content is negative towards us. It feels that they love to stip up the pot, causing a lot of mess and misunderstandings.

I am sick of it!

We need to call out this mess and hopefully shut these 4th Grade Gossip sites down!

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