Thursday, June 7, 2012

Gay Right Groups and NAACP join together to deal with 'Stop and Frisk'

'Stop and Frisk' is a messy ordeal. It's big in major cities like NYC and Baltimore. If fact, it's been reported that the New York Police Department has stopped and questioned over 684,000 people; most of them were people of color.

Once this news got out, groups (Gay and straight) got together to plan a protest.

The Washington Post has the scoop
Gay rights groups are speaking out in support of a silent march being held later this month to protest the New York Police Department’s street stop policy.

Representatives from groups including Empire State Pride Agenda and Human Rights Campaign joined the Rev. Al Sharpton and National Association for the Advancement of Colored People president Benjamin Todd Jealous at an event Tuesday announcing they’d take part in the June 17 march.
I hope this is televised.

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