Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Life: The Bathroom

The other day, I was in the bathroom stall at the gym. Suddenly, 'Jump' from the Pointer Sisters came on and I started tapping my foot to the song.

As I reached for the tissue, I noticed a cock poking out from under the stall.

I was SHOCKED! I couldn't believe it, but then it hit me... Foot tapping is a code for understall play. I kindly told him that I was not interested and he had a cute cock. Then, I told him to be careful about hooking up in bathrooms.

I hope he listened.


ebritt said...

Dont know if I said this in a previous comment or not; but you are soooo the bomb. I love the way you carry yourself. You have a fan in Omaha Nebraska.

Cubby said...


Bob said...

Those darn Pointers!

Roger Poladopoulos said...

At least, you weren't in the airport with that former GOP senator from...wait a minute...which former GOP senator was I referring to? There have been soooo many "in the closet!" Seriously, this post was just to funny and true! IF we had Emmys for blogs, this post would win, no question!

Allan S. said...

Like you, I've reached that age where I consider whether to be sensible or salacious.

I give you credit for going the sensible route. You would have risked too much if you got caught. I get that. I feel I would have done the same.

However, let me be honest, if the song would have been Automatic or Slow Hand, I would have been all over the "cute" cock.

Jezza said...

LMAO!!!! Thanks for the laugh. And the advice - I am clueless to cruising clues, so I could have very well made the same mistake

Immanuel said...

Wow, that was a funny story. You handled yourself as the true gentlemen you are. Thanks for letting him down easy!


Lucifer Arnold said...

I see you been hanging around those republicans too long.

K. Clark said...

Lol! At least it wasn't "Love Hangover."

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