Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Georgia's Gay State Rep. Targeted in a Homophobic Flyer

Openly gay State Rep. Rashad Taylor (D-Atlanta) is the target of some anti-gay foolishness. This flyer was used to label him as untrustworthy and GAY. His only true opponent is Pat Gardner, who's to be a huge supporter of gay rights.

Here's more:
Thanks to the mostly Republican legislature's redrawn House districts, Taylor has been pitted against fellow democrat Pat Gardner in the upcoming District 57 election. Gardner is straight, but has been supportive of LGBT issues over the years. 

Taylor told the GA Voice that, basically, he doesn't think Gardner is responsible for the flier, but that "there are only two people in the race," which suggests that he actually does think Gardner just might be behind it: "There are only two people in this race. I don't think Pat Gardner is behind it and I believe if she knew about it she would condemn it. But there are people supporting her perhaps working under the table." Taylor arranged a press conference about the flier before attempting to contact Gardner. And, incidentally, she already had an unrelated press conference scheduled today. 

Gardner told the publication today the allegation that she's behind the flier "makes her want to cry." She also addressed an obvious-if-depressing possibility that Taylor released the flier to stir up controversy, saying, "I don't believe the flyer came from Rashad's camp. He has been a colleague and friend."
I hope we get some answers soon.

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fetaby said...

Could it not have been a third party wingnut? We do see a lot of polarization concerning anything LGBT now. Him running for re-election could have triggered a looney with a kinko's card.

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