Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin discusses the Harassment of LGBT Teens - WATCH

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Biki said...

Thank you for posting this. I think we all know what it's like, but to see the statistics in black and white is rather shocking. Its time for a sea change in our country. Time for us to step up and demand civility along with our civil rights. Back in the day the NAACP sued anyone and everyone who spoke disparagingly about African Americans, and within a short amount of time people were much more careful as to what they said. Could it be our turn to use the judicial branch to win civility for us?

Daij said...

very disheartening. What sticks out to me most of all is the fact that a 3rd of them are shunned by their parents. This really makes me wanna cry. My son is gay, and I love him with my whole heart and I have always been his higgest cheerleader.I can't even imagine not loving him because he was gay or whatever.

SteveA said...

It takes so much courage to come out - I'd say that these are the real "men" in our society....there's so much hate I wonder if this is some form of repurcussion of something that happened within the last ten years - where is this hate coming from.....parents?

fetaby said...

Two things, Steve A about where this hate is coming from...

1. The increase in visibility for LGBT. The more we come out, the more the bigots will hate. It presses the issue and forces their hands.

2. The new whipping boy. Now that black people in America are experiencing a lessening of the intolerance they once felt and out and out racism has fallen into the area of taboo, the bigots have lined up a few new groups of people to hate. One being immigrants or anyone they suspect is "illegal" and the other is the gays. Of course some have also redoubled their efforts of misogyny.

Long story short, haters gonna hate.

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