Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Question of the Day: Drag Race Edition

The Drama! Shangela's Hair and Naomi Campbell's blood?

A lot went down last night! What did you think about the girls and did y'all see Untucked?



behrmark said...

Damn! I meant to watch it this morning but didn't have time.

R.J. said...

I missed Untucked because I always watch Castle on my DVR afterward but last night's show was highly entertaining. I LOVED Tyra Banks and Mo'nique.

Bob said...

I loved Shangela's runway hair!
I loved Stacey's Mo'nique!
I wanted to shake the shit out of Mariah because she effed up Joanie C.
And Delta? Demure Cher never works!

Mighty Kwan said...

Ladies and gentleman the cliques are official!

I think Raja should have won. If you couple her Tyra with her runway, no way she should have come in second place. But hey, she seems to be ok with it. (Though she did run the Naomi thing into the ground.)

And to Shangela, while you are knocking someone else's impersonation, I have never heard Tina Turner say, "Hallelu!" before. Just saying...

Mighty Kwan said...

But also, Shangela is still mad because she SHOULD have won last week. Seems like Ru is going for making 2nd place, 1st to cause more drama amongst the ladies.

It's working!! Ru so smart! LOL!

Jezza said...

Shangela disappointed me on last night's Untucked. I've been routing for her and last night she was a sore loser and piced fights necessarily. She was my pick t win because I liked her personality and the face that she came across more real than bitchy or 2 faced , but picking fights is no better than being 2 faced.

Raja won points for me. When Shangela kept baiting her, she kept her cool and didn't fight regardless of any anger she might feel about Stacies pitty win.

Maria deserved to go home. They mentioned she was faking her way to the middle and it was confirmed when she tried to fake her lip sync.

I gotta say. I'm liking this season. I didn't think I was going to, but it's been very entertaining.

Delta needs to go home next.

Allan S. said...

Manilla has gotten on my last gay nerve with her lame Asian characters. They have not been clever at all, just cartoon characters. She sucks.

behrmark said...

I'm back...I have to reiterate what I've said before...Delta has been a disappointment. I still love her but she needs to bring it on. So my money is on Raja...I find her completely original, creative, and daring. That runway global look was incredible! IMHO

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