Thursday, February 24, 2011

FOX News' Monica Crowley is an Idiot

FOX News' Monica Crowley is an idiot and she think she's slick. In this clip, she called President Obama "Mubarak Obama", which implies a Muslim background. Please watch

Lawrence O'Donnell calls her dumb ass out. But I'm appalled how
 quick and easy she implied the "Mubarak" piece. It was very spiteful and vicious. She should be held accountable for this.


Bama Boi said...

I can't with Fox News

luciferosirisarnold said...

With hate on the rise this cunt just got on my shit list!

R.J. said...

This slimy girl corresponded with Richard Nixon in his final years and wrote two books on him. She is vile.

Bob said...

You know, it might be harsh, but if you worked for MY news channel, and couldn't, or more likely WOULDN'T, get the name of the president correct, I would fire you frakkin' ass.

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