Friday, February 18, 2011

Murray State Professor Resigns after making Racist Remarks

Remember the other day, when I posted the clip about the Murray State professor and his racist remark to a student?

Well, he resigned...
Mark Wattier, the Murray State Professor who was suspended without pay after he allegedly made racist remarks to a couple of students in August, is resigning.
In an email statement, he said that one reason he appealed the suspension was so that he could express his regret and apologize to Arlene Johnson, who filed a complaint with the Office of Equal Opportunity at the school. Wattier included a doctor's diagnosis for depression and generalized anxiety disorder, which he says he was battling at the time.

He is also appealing because he claims that only the Board of Regents can suspend someone for more than 30 days. However, Catherine Sivills, Assistant Vice-President of Communications for MSU, say that OEO grievance procedures supersede any other grievance mechanism, so the Board of Regents' decision would be irrelevant. Wattier says that's not true, and that any employer that would treat someone this way doesn't deserve that person's labor.

The student has said that Wattier started class early last semester and she questioned him about it after the class, for which she had arrived on time. The student says Wattier responded by saying slaves never showed up on time.
My friends tell me they are still hurt about this incident. They never thought that a professor would lose it so badly and publicly.


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