Saturday, February 19, 2011

More MESS in the Wonder Woman Pilot: Diana Prince serves as WW's Personal Assistant?

You know, it's hard to get excited about Wonder Woman returning to TV when this script has got it ALL THE FRAK WRONG.

Now, I'm learning that Diana Prince will be WW's assistant? See here,
The probably bad news (and it's not really news, at this stage): 'Wonder Woman' is being reimagined by TV uber-producer David E. Kelley, and the things Kelley is doing to the 'Wonder Woman' franchise is filling many TV observers and Diana Prince fans with dread.

First of all, he's created three different personas for Palicki to play. She'll be the crime-fighting Wonder Woman, of course, but she'll also play W.W.'s alter ego, corporate executive Diana Themyscira, and Diana's assistant, Diana Prince.

Huh? That seems a little ornate, if not confusing. And it's disheartening to read that
The Daily Beast's Jace Lacob called Kelley's 'Wonder Woman' pilot script "laughably bizarre." He also said the pilot was "outdated," "cloying" and full of "stilted dialogue" and "bizarre narrative conceits." Sure, the script might undergo some alterations before the pilot is shot, but various early reactions to the project aren't exactly promising.
Hera, hold my unicorn. That just doesn't make any sense. What's Diana going to do? Use her JemStar earrings to project a hologram of the 'other Diana' in the room?



R.J. said...

At this point David E. Kelley might as well make Wonder Woman a one-woman play. What a crying shame.

Mighty Kwan said...

At this point why are they even still calling it Wonder Woman? They might as well call it something else, because it IS something else entirely!

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