Monday, March 7, 2016

Reasons Why Trump is Winning

There are several reasons why Donald Trump is rising and breaking the Republican party into pieces. His entitled, bossy/bully style has inspired thousands.

But what are these reasons? I have some thoughts.

  • The GOP dicked over their voters for years. Making promises they never kept, claiming to be about jobs, but never create any. Then, wasting tax dollars over foolish battles, like repealing Obamacare.
  • The GOP's one night stand with the Tea Party lasted way too long. When the Tea Party started, the GOP welcomed them with open arms. They let these losers scream and shout racist and terrible things to our president for so long, they thought it was their American duty. The GOP used them to win state elections and when it was done, they dumped them. However, the Tea Party got too comfortable with their power and wanted more. The GOP didn't care for the Tea Party afterwards and that pissed them off. They were just waiting for someone to lead them and now... Well, you know.
  • Diversity. Noticed that Trump wins big in places where more people of color are calling home. Let me rephrase that... In states known for their racist past. Places like South Carolina, Louisiana and Alabama are soaking in racism for decades. Now, they see more POC communities popping up, changing the status quo. They're about to be outnumbered and that scares them. So, they respond by voting for someone who can "keep them in check". Yes, they think Trump will save them.
  • And continuing the Diversity piece, these voters hate being PC. They want to shout out all of  their racists views without being held accountable. Trump promises to change that and they are ready for it. 
  • These voters feel betrayed by the establishment. As I mentioned before, the GOP made a lot of empty promises. Feeling used and abused, these voters lost trust in the GOP. They think Trump will stick with his promises. So silly of them.
  • The media. Most news channels promoted anything Trump for months. If he shit, they turned it into an exclusive report. Every time he had a press conference or whatever, they promoted it. In fact, they showed his stuff more than any other candidate. They treated him like he was a Kardashian. They were never too hard on him or held him completely accountable. And the ratings... These channels got hella ratings promoting Trump. They didn't care that he's a horrible person, just as long as that money came rolling in.
  • Fear... To me, it's the biggest reason. His supporters fear people of color, change, responsibility, Muslims, reading, anything you can think of. They want America to stay safe and pretty for them and nobody else. Seeing things develop, freaks them out to no end. They want America to stay White and Trump is their White knight in every sense of the word. 

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Dave R said...

I agree completely. He makes them feel proud of their racism which is soooo weird.

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