Wednesday, March 9, 2016

In Missouri: Democratic State Senators Filibuster Anti-Gay Religious Freedom bill UPDATED

UPDATE They are still going. The Democratic state senate members are pushing to 40th hour mark. This is very historic and powerful to see.

Listen here as these brave folks fight for equality

There's some interesting news coming from Missouri.

The Republican state senate introduced SJR 39, a constitutional amendment that would allow religious folks and organizations to discriminate against LGBT people. In other-words, it's Anti-gay as f**k!

For some reason they thought it would fine, until the Dems saw through their foolishness. The Democratic senators got together to filibuster this messy ass bill. So far, these senators have been at it for over 20 hours, hoping to stop the vote on SJR 39.

Led by Democratic Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal, these senators are out there fighting against SJR 39. Many of them are speaking for 3-4 hours a piece.

Sen. Scott Sifton, from St. Louis, spoke passionately about his gay family members and how this bill is nothing but pure discrimination.
“I would oppose this amendment just as vigorously even if I didn’t have immediate family members who are potentially implicated by it. I honor who my father is, I honor who my uncle is and I stand and fight not just for them, but also for the thousands of constituents I have that are very much targeted by this amendment.”
They are still going strong as I post this. If you're curious, you can listen to the whole sha-bang here

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