Monday, March 21, 2016

Interesting Quote: Brian

“My Africa is one that is intrinsically hate-free, welcoming, comprehensive and protective. It’s not about knowing if LGBTQ is “un-African” or not but it’s more about understanding that homophobia and transphobia are clearly not derived from African values, culture and traditions. I strive to touch these people’s hearts, to revive their inner humanity, to persuade them that behind an acronym like LGTBQ there is a Human Being, a brother, a sister, a neighbour, a friend who did not choose to be different and should be cared for and accepted in the community as anybody else would be. I deeply hope that raising awareness and communicating will eventually lead to a LGBTQ-friendly Africa. That is one of my dearest dreams and I endeavour to make it true day every day.”
This is from Limit(less) Blog. "Limit(less)" is a multimedia documentary photography project on the visual aesthetics of LGBTQ* 1st and 2nd generation African immigrants. This is the blog tracking the development of the project.

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